The role of the Broker/Consultant has evolved as the economic, legislative, regulatory and technological landscape in which they operate has changed.  The result is a more consolidated market, greater uncertainty and uber-competitiveness.  More than just purveyors of competitive quotes, today’s Broker/Consultant has become an extension of the HR department and is now called upon to be more consultative;  and to understand, advocate for and provide a comprehensive range of solutions to meet their clients’ objectives…all with greater transparency.


To be successful, Broker/Consultants must have an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of a broad range of subjects and be up-to-date, knowledgeable about and experts at all-things-benefits.  This now includes healthcare consumerism, employee engagement, advanced data analytics and advise on new medical technologies and innovations.  We understand that this greatly increases the load placed on Broker/Consultants...and that is why we created the Research Consortium.


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