Third Party Administrators

To remain competitive against the vast resources of the national carriers, TPAs must collaborate and harness the power they wield as managers of benefit plans for ∼ 40 million Americans…ergo, the Research Consortium The changes occurring in medicine and healthcare challenge the stability of those TPAs that are slow to accept and adopt them.  Many of these changes involve new medical technologies, emerging health innovations and novel ways of conducting business.  And, although  it is the TPA that is responsible for evaluating, assessing and providing guidance on these changes few can cost-justify a carrier-level Pharmaceutical, Therapeutics & Medical Technology Assessment Committee to conduct such research.

The Research Consortium was purpose-built to help TPAs maintain their position at the forefront of change, a hallmark of the industry that TPA NETWORK helped to pioneer several decades ago.  Moreover, as a byproduct of this effort, participating TPAs not only facilitate the vetting and accelerated adoption of new technologies and innovations they also meaningfully contribute to the advancement of medical research and improved patient care.


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