Plan Sponsors

Once called “fringe benefits”, healthcare plans are now a key element of the employment equation and a factor in successfully attracting and retaining employees.  Today, sponsoring a health plan is much more difficult than ever before, especially as it regards assessing and evaluating new, expensive and often unproven medical technologies and health innovations for inclusion under an ERISA plan.  This is why we created the Research Consortium… to do this for Plan Sponsors and TPAs.

We do this with the HERO Voluntary Healthcare Research Benefit: a no-cost plan option that provides Plan Participants with an opportunity to help us assess new medical technologies and health innovations; enroll in a clinical-research-as-a-care-option program to focus more resources on their care; and accelerate medical research by contributing their health data to medical researchers...all while earning funds and rewards to apply to deductibles, coinsurance, bills, tuition, etc.

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