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Why the Stay Safer PRM95+ Protective Face Mask is Truly Different

Ordinary cloth face masks are designed for use by non-medical wearers to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  They act as a barrier against the outbound transmission of droplets from an infected wearer.  They are not intended to filter inbound microbe-size particles or pathogenic aerosols that may remain suspended in the air.  As such, these masks provide very little protection for the wearer.   Further, because some viruses can remain active on many surfaces for as long as seven days, as the infected particles are encountered, the outer layer of a face mask can become a virtual petri dish that accumulates dangerous bio-burden build-up that can very easily infect the wearer and cross-contaminate many surfaces with which the face mask comes into contact.´╗┐

The Stay Safer PRN95+ Protective Face Mask employs not one but two technologies that have been known to be effective at inactivating certain microorganisms: a triboelectric air filter  (TAF)  that can attract and kill pathogens and a legendary antimicrobial agent that molecularly bonds to the mask's fabric and inactivates many pathogenic microbes.  Together, these measures provide added wearer protection, reduce dangerous bio-burden build-up and enhance durability and reusability.  Further, studies show that just a 2% gap in a mask's seal can reduce its  protection effectiveness by half.  As such, comfort isn't a luxury as it is needed to support longer wear and reduce hand-to-face adjustment. To achieve these goals,  our mask has a flexible nose form and adjustable ear straps to ensure a snug fit... and soft Supima┬« cotton layers to reduce face chafing and support moisture control.

Unique Features of the Stay Safer PRN95+ Protective Face Mask

that make it "the Finest Reusable face Mask in the World"

Three All-Natural Layers: Two Redundant Antimicrobial Technologies

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