Stop-Loss Carriers

The frequency and severity of stop-loss claims continues to increase and a new type of multi-million-dollar extended-duration claim has become more commonplace.  Uber high-cost medical treatments and technologies must be vetted by a trusted, unbiased source versed in self-funding, reinsurance, ERISA and regulatory compliance...ergo, the Research Consortium.


Our studies -- conducted by researchers from some of the nation’s leading academic institutions and medical foundations -- focus on measures of interest to payors:  ROI, value (vs the standard of care), medical outcomes, comparative effectiveness, quality of care and patient satisfaction.  Serving as the Pharmaceutical, Therapeutics & Medical Technology Assessment Committee for the self-funded industry, we conduct research and provide unbiased, impartial guidance at no cost to payors owing to our novel sustainability model that benefits third party research sponsors and advances medical research.


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