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The Definitive Employer Guide to Purchasing Face Masks for Your Valued Employees

The Research Consortium is excited about the opportunity to provide employers with accurate, unbiased information and data to help them narrow their search and find the face covering solution that best fits their specific needs.  Our study is available as a way to advance a greater understanding of the disease, its transmission, face mask efficacy and to help employers understand the various ways they can reduce community spread and ensure a more safe workplace and workforce.


Intended to assist employers with managing the insurance, liability and risk exposure challenges that have come about as a result of  their need to provide their workers coverings to their workers, 

our study covers everything from viral transmission to antimicrobial filtration technologies to proper design and construction to methods by which to mitigate the risks attendant to expanded employer government regulatory compliance requirements.  At 70+ pages, and with 176 information citations, it is the most comprehensive discussion of this topic.  It also has a brief 3-page Summary Discussion. Employers who review it will feel confident about formulating and making an informed buying decision that's right for them.  Click the cover to download.  To access the articles below, which are published on LinkedIn, press this button Articles

To view/download a description of our articles  -- a COVID-19 Literature Compendium -- with links to each click here.  


Research Consortium Study on Gaining Control of  Combination Cancer Treatment Risk