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Stay Safer Reusable Protective Face Covering

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Introducing the Stay SaferReusableProtective Face Covering

The Stay Safer Reusable Protective Face Covering

Ordinary cloth face coverings are designed for use by non-medical wearers to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by acting as a barrier against the outbound transmission of droplets from an infected wearer.  Most are not intended to filter inbound microbe-size particles or pathogenic aerosols that may remain suspended in the air.  As such, these coverings provide little protection for the wearer against inhaling infected microbes.  Further, because some microorganisms can remain active on certain surfaces for as long as seven days, as the infected particles are encountered, the covering's outer layer can become a virtual petri dish that accumulates dangerous bio-burden build-up that can infect the wearer and cross-contaminate surfaces with which it comes into contact.

The Stay Safer Reusable Protective Face Covering employs two redundant means by which to block/filter particulates; inhibit/prevent the growth of certain microorganisms on its surface; and lessen/eliminate the risk of cross contamination by self-sanitization to keep it clean.  These are a tribo-electric air filter that attracts, secures and "electrocutes" certain microorganisms and an EPA-registered safe, non-toxic antimicrobial that molecularly bonds to the covering's fabric has a four decade long history of inactivating microbes.  Knowing that  just a 2%  gap in a covering's seal can reduce its effectiveness by half, and that comfort isn't a luxury as it is needed to support extended wear and reduce hand-to-face adjustment, our face covering has a flexible nose form and adjustable ear loops to ensure a snug fit...and Supima® cotton layers to reduce face chafing and support moisture control.  

The Research Consortium is excited about the opportunity to provide employers with accurate, unbiased information and data to help them narrow their search and find the face mask solution that best fits their specific needs.  Our study, which has been downloaded several thousand times, is made available as a way to advance a greater understanding of the disease, its transmission, face covering efficacy and to help employers understand the ways they can reduce community spread and ensure a more safe workplace.  

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Three All-Natural Layers: Two Redundant Microbe-Fighting Technologies

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